5 Tips To Know About the Mississippi Dispensary

Mississippi is the 37th US state to legalize the use of medical cannabis. Governor Tate Reeves signed the Mississippi Medical marijuana bill into law. Understand details about Mississippi dispensary.

Mississippi state approved a senate bill in January 2022. The Department of health is supposed to oversee the medical marijuana program to establish an advisory committee to recommend issues like patient access and industry safety. You can obtain a written certification from a licensed healthcare professional with a bona fide relationship. But they will need certification in an in-person office.

The legislation enables healthcare providers to prescribe marijuana for pain that the cause cannot be removed or otherwise treated, and relief or cure of the cause of the pain cannot be stopped. The physician can prescribe cannabis for adults aged 18 years, and minors require consent from their parents or legal guardians. Here are details about getting medical marijuana in Mississippi.

Mississippi Dispensaries

The Mississippi government has collected revenue from the medical cannabis business even if the sales haven't started yet. Roughly, the state earned $5.9 million in licensing and application fees collected from marijuana dispensaries, cultivators, transporters, processors, and laboratories based on the multistate government website.

The figure for medical marijuana dispensaries is $4.5 million. Mississippi State issued 119 dispensary licenses to date based on the state's Department of revenue. The dispensary licenses include an initial $15000 non-refundable application fee and a $25000 yearly license fee. The state's medical cannabis industry will be subject to a 5% excise tax on wholesale from growers to dispensaries and a 7% tax on retail sales.

How to Evolve a Medical Marijuana Patient in Mississippi?

To access medical marijuana in any Mississippi dispensary will require you to obtain a medical marijuana card. Here are five steps to follow if you are suffering from a debilitating health issue.

1. Have a Qualifying Condition

Mississippi State has a list of medical marijuana-qualifying ailments. Therefore, ensure you are diagnosed with at least the qualifying medical marijuana condition, be 18 years old, and be a state resident. Also, have permission from your parents or guardian if you are a minor.

2. Book an Appointment

When scheduling an appointment in Mississippi state, you will see the doctor through my marijuana cards website at a time most convenient to you. Ensure you provide a basic medical history and book your appointment with a licensed physician. Also, carry your medical records for the doctor to approve your condition.

3. Get Certified for Your Medical Ailment

Before applying, get your medical condition certified by a state-licensed physician, physician assistant, or registered nurse. Once the physician licenses your condition, you will receive an email from the state's Department of Health confirming your condition and online enrollment.

4. Get Approved

After you have been approved for medical marijuana, you must register with the state and apply. The Mississippi state will then process your application, notify you if it was approved, and mail it. After the approval, you can visit any open dispensary near you and start your purchase. If the card is valid for a year, you will have to renew it unless specified for a shorter time by the physician. During the renewal process, you will need to see the physician to recertify your medical marijuana application. My marijuana cards will stay in touch with you when your card approaches renewal to help you set up a consultation session.

5. Dispensary Visit

Mississippi dispensaries are not yet ready for sale, although there are 119 licensed ones. Once the sales start, you always need to carry your medical cannabis card during these visits. There are several cannabis products to choose from.


Before visiting any mississippi dispensary, ensure you have a medical marijuana card. The steps involved during the application process are pretty simple. With the help of telemedicine websites like my marijuana cards, you get your card faster and at lower costs. The consultation is faster and more affordable as well. Medical marijuana will be legal in Mississippi once the program is established and the sales have started to operate.