What do you need to know about FIFA coins?

What should we know about FIFA 23 coins and how to get them?

FIFA coins have been the only valuable and accepted currency in the FIFA world. You manage your team in FUT mode, by playing, trading, and purchasing players and packs in this game. Coins are very important because the way you earn and spend them requires some skills and basic knowledge. We're here to walk you through it.

Facts about FIFA coins

You can use coins in FIFA to build a good Ultimate Team. For this purpose, you can use coins to purchase players or player packs. Any item you add to your FUT club, including club items, consumables, and staff can enhance your gaming experience in FIFA 23.

In EA Sports' Terms of Services, there's a rule regarding transferring FIFA coins and FIFA points. Accordingly, it is forbidden to buy or sell these valuable in-game currencies. The punishment for engaging in such illegal activities is a permanent ban on the accounts involved by EA Sports.

There are ways to buy FIFA coins from third parties. You can also participate in selling your coins but since it's illegal, you need to know that there's no fixed price for FIFA coins. So you need to compare prices from different coin suppliers before you buy coins.

When you upgrade your game to a new version (from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23), your FIFA coins, unopened packs, and unassigned items, Ultimate Team club data, and some other items won't be transferred. It has been always like this and therefore, in the new version, you need to earn coins from the beginning.

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