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Perfect Diary is affiliated to Guangzhou Yixian E-Commerce Co., Ltd. In 2016, the brand founder from Harvard University and British fashion designer met in London. With a sense of business and fashion, they hoped to have the opportunity to bring European and American makeup fashion back to


Perfect diary brand is currently the most popular cosmetic brand on the Internet, and its brand influence is beyond doubt. Perfect diary brand is a very good brand. The products are mainly aimed at young women aged 18 to 28. The quality of the products is very good, so many beauty bloggers highly recommend Perfect Diary Cosmetics.

Market positioning of perfect diary brand: the main products of European and American series of beauty products
"Perfect Diary" Product Positioning: Big Brand Homogeneous + Affordable
Makeup products are the products of face engineering. Cheap and low-quality make-up hurts the face. For the sake of their appearance, consumers will try their best to choose big brands with better quality.
However, the price is really painful, after all, who doesn't love cost-effective products. Perfect Diary aims at the pain point of female consumers, and launches high-quality, well-designed makeup products on the basis of low prices.

In order to make the product quality comparable to the big brands, perfect diary brand has cooperated with the top makeup OEMs in the country, such as Estée Lauder's partner Interlit from Italy, as well as COSMETICS, KOSEN, etc. from South Korea. Many international big-name makeup products are from these factories.
Perfect Diary needs to be homogeneous with big-name products, and Perfect Diary's pricing strategy is parity, and most of its products are below 100 yuan. The cost-effective advertising method brings a pricing advantage to Perfect Diary.
At the same time, Perfect Diary digs deep into the international fashion trends and the fashion concepts of the post-95s, and creates a series of beautiful and delicate trendy makeup products, which are very suitable for the post-95s pursuit of freshness.

The homogeneity of big brands, coupled with the positioning of the parity advantage, has the perfect diary brand with the ultimate cost-effectiveness in the eyes of consumers.
Market performance of "Perfect Diary" in recent years:
1. User feedback: high popularity, good reputation, economical
2. Performance:
1) In 2018 and 2019, Perfect Diary ranked No. 1 in the makeup category on Tmall Double Eleven for two consecutive years.
2) Perfect Diary ranked first in the beauty industry in 2019 in the "FAST Consumer Asset Operation Health List released by Tmall FMCG".
3) Perfect Diary ranks third among head makeup brands in terms of Tmall fans, higher than L’Oreal and Maybelline.
PerfectDiary was founded in 2017 and is currently one of the most popular domestic make-up brands. Compared with some big-name cosmetics, PerfectDiary is more affordable and affordable, and it is more suitable for Chinese skin characteristics. Although it has only been three years since its establishment, its word-of-mouth praise is not lost to the well-known old brands, so it has been highly recommended by many makeup bloggers.