The perfect diary slim lipstick comes

perfect diary cosmetics was ranked the No.1 color cosmetics brand and Top 3 beauty brand on T-mall. During Double 11 promotion, Perfect diary cosmetics had been the first Chinese brand ever to win the championship in beauty category, as well as in the categories of color palette, lipstick,

The perfect diary slim lipstick has always existed in a classic image. Black Gold Matte series is one of the masterpieces of perfect diary slim lipstick. Gide ranking research found that although the black gold matte series has a matte texture, it does not dry out, it is smooth on the lips, and does not show lip lines. It has the characteristics of high color rendering and high saturation, and it is a safe choice for deep lips. The popular color 07 Ruby rush and 08 Velvet cherry are recommended.

perfect diary slim lipstick is one of the most classic lip makeup products. This series is characterized by high color rendering and high saturation, strong covering power, and friendly to deep lips. The lipstick has a velvety texture and is weakly moisturizing. The colors of perfect diary slim lipstick are mostly orange and red, with a high degree of overlap. Users who buy this series of lipsticks are advised to try the colors on the counter.

The perfect diary slim lipstick comes in a chic "waist design" and it also comes in classic shade 196. 196 is heavier than the usual pumpkin color and maple leaf red orange color. The color is rich and bright, with a retro charm. The thick coating is full of queen style, and the thin coating is gentle and generous. 196 does not pick skin color, it is recommended to match it with orange or pumpkin eye shadow and blush for better effect.