To share some good eyeshadows

Now many people's concepts are changing, and "domestic" products have attracted the attention of many people. Of cours

e, the cosmetics industry is no exception, not only in terms of price, but also in the quality and design of many domestic cosmetics. Today, let’s talk about the more famous perfect diary eyeshadow. How about the perfect diary eyeshadow palette as a domestic product? Which is the perfect diary 9 color eye shadow to choose?

As a domestic product, Perfect Diary achieved very good results last year. The editor thinks that the reason why he is favored by so many people is because his price and brand products are relatively perfect. There are so many products to choose from.
His family's nine-color eye shadow. The overall packaging is still very good. There are also many choices of eyeshadow palettes, let's take a look at the hottest autumn leaves today! It consists of 5 shimmery eyeshadows and 4 matte eyeshadows out of 6 colors. The color rendering of the eyeshadow is very good, and his color is really high, which is not very friendly to novice babies, it is very easy to show dirty and fly powder.

01 Piggy Plate
Playful little pig, if you like pink and tender, you must not miss him, the color matching is gentle and playful, the matte powder is delicate and smudgeable, and the sequin color is clear and water-light is a must-have for spring.A cute perfect diary eyeshadow.
02 Spotted Tiger Plate
The wild spotted tiger is turmeric and warm orange. It has both daily and play colors, and the powder is also exquisite and smudged beyond imagination. There is not a single waste color, especially there is a particularly bright big glitter. The degree of fit is high, and it is embellished on the eyelids to the heart.
03 Alligator plate
Lazy crocodile, the overall green color of the crocodile plate should make many people look at it and dare not buy it. After I put my eyes on, I didn't expect that the unexpected daily good-looking is the green eye makeup that can definitely be worn out as long as you can master it! The pearlescent color is super special and very shiny, but be careful not to apply too much at one time, it will fall off the glitter, and you should pat it gently on the eyelids. The whole series is closer to warmer tones, which are more suitable for our skin tone and will not be too exaggerated.
04 Ice Wolf Plate
The glamorous ice wolf, such a beautiful blue plate is really rare. The whole plate is drawn in cold tones like a frigid fairy with only 80 pounds! Both the sequins and the dark browns are available, and they go well together.
05Perfect Diary Light and Shadow Galaxy Nine Color Eyeshadow
Strong push! The color is super nice, especially the color, and it looks very advanced. The colors are well matched, it's really nice. The powder is also very fine, soft and glutinous. The pressed powder is very solid, and the color matching is also a novice-friendly earth tones; to be honest, the quality amazes me. The packaging is tall, and it looks beautiful. I like the color combination very much, the texture is very good! The color is pretty good, and the chromaticity and color rendering are not bad.