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Dynamic Pass Box manufacturers Introduction Stainless Steel Dynamic Pass Box is the ideal choice for various material transfer applications. It greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of material transmission in the process of material transmission, meets the strict requirements of various industries on cleanliness, and eliminates cross-pollution caused by manual operation and other factors. With its compact design, efficient sterilization, and other unique functions, it not only improves cleanliness but also provides convenience and safety for people. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for conveying sterile materials required by different industries such as biology, pharmacy, and clean room. The size of the transfer window can be customized according to the specific needs of users. Advantages 1. High-temperature resistance: The cabinet of the Stainless Steel Dynamic Pass Box is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which is high-temperature resistant and can withstand up to 500 鈩? 2. Sterilization: This product is equipped with an ultraviolet sterilization lamp, which has an extremely strong sterilization and decontamination effect, and you can use the switch to flexibly control it. 3. Good sealing performance: the box adopts a sealed door structure and mechanical interlocking device, so both sides cannot be opened at the same time, which can effectively avoid cross contamination. 4. Environmental protection: the stainless steel materials used are 100% recyclable and have no pollution to the environment during the whole service life. 5. Convenience: The square transparent observation window can provide a clear view, which is conducive to observation. Product Parameter Product NameStainless Steel Dynamic Pass Box MaterialSus 304,Sus 316 Specification600*600*600mm锛孋ustomization Product UsageDelivery of items between clean and non-clean areas Product FeaturesCorrosion and oxidation resistance Operation methodMechanical interlock typeClean pass box Minimum order鈮? set Our Service 1. Factory direct sales, rejecting middlemen to make the difference 2. Priority delivery, sufficient supply 3. Quality assurance, strict control 4. Technical support, patient guidance by technical engineers 5. Tracking service, full one-to-one service.Dynamic Pass Box manufacturers website:http://www.bokacleanroom.com/pass-box/dynamic-pass-box/