Carbon Fiber Fabrics factory

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Carbon Fiber Fabrics factory Carbon Fiber Fabrics factory

Carbon Fiber Fabrics factory 聽 The Carbon Fiber Forged Prepreg provided by High Gain, which adopts imported carbon fiber tow and is processed into various specifications of prepreg by special process. The prepreg provided is the first choice material in the fields of aerospace, automobile industry, sports equipment, medical equipment, fishing rod, etc. 聽 Specification of prepreg 聽聽 2. Low temperature curing epoxy Minimum curing temperature 80 鈩?= 12 hours 85 鈩?= 10 hours 100 鈩?= 8 hours The utility model is convenient for the use of large-scale moulds, and can be used for wind power blades, yachts, etc. 聽 3. Fast curing prepreg resin TG 130 鈩?/p Curing temperature 130 鈩?= 20 minutes 150 鈩?= 7-10 minutes 160 鈩?= 5 minutes It is suitable for products with high mold turnover frequency, such as automobile industry. 聽 4. High Temperature Resistance Epoxy Suitable for high temperature industrial products and aerospace field. tg=230 鈩?/p [email protected] 鈩?/p [email protected] 鈩?/p 聽 5. High Temperature Resistance Epoxy tg=230 鈩?/p [email protected] 鈩?/p [email protected] 鈩?/p 聽 6. Carbon Fiber Forged Prepreg Tape / Towpreg The Carbon Fiber Forged Prepreg tape is using spread tow to ensure that the strength and physical properties of each prepreg tape are consistent with that of single tow. 聽 HG Carbon Fber Towpreg has a proprietary thermosetting resin system and can be stored at room temperature. It can be used with many types of filament winding machines and new processes like automatic tape placement directly. It has good strength, good impact resistance and is suitable for pressure vessel filament winding process. Epoxy Resin Content: Resin content and fiber can be adjusted according to product and manufacturing processes, generally it would be 32% No release film is needed and the resin content is rather accurate during the production. The working environment is largely improved and the mechanical properties of the final products are upgraded while the number of defects is reduced. The weight can be controlled effectively. Resin System: HG-518 (Medium Temperature Curing) Resin Carbon Fiber: Toray T700SC-50C or equivalent 聽 7. SMC prepreg We provide carbon fiber short fiber reinforced plastic sheet prepreg forming materials (SMC). It has superior flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, light weight, easy and flexible engineering design and other characteristics. Its mechanical properties can be comparable to those of some metal materials. Its products have the advantages of good rigidity, deformation resistance, lightweight, and wide temperature range. 聽 Product features 聽鈥?Low VOC: no styrene monomer and other organic solvents, VOC emissions can meet international standards 鈥?The epoxy resin and carbon fiber in the product have the best interface bonding performance, optimizing the vinyl resin of the same type 鈥?3-5 min rapid prototyping at 150-160 掳 C Low density, high strength and good toughness 鈥?It is suitable for the production and manufacture of various complicated and irregular structural parts and sub structural parts 聽 Recommended molding process 聽 1. Cutting control a. Automatic cutting equipment is recommended. b. When SMC materials are cut, the weight of the cut part is 102-105% of the component weight. The SMC sheet coverage in the mold is 60-80%,. c. The mold coverage area can be reduced to 30% according to the absolute flow length, geometric complexity and the actual conditions of the grinding tool temperature. 2. Clean the mold. 3. Spray external release agent (SMC sheet contains internal release agent, but it is still recommended to spray external release machine to prevent sticking). 4. Adjust the mold temperature to 130-160 掳 C. 150 掳 C is an ideal molding temperature. Note: At lower temperature, higher surface quality can be obtained by prolonging the curing time. 5. Adjust the die pressure to 60-150 kg/cm2 (kg/cm2=0.1 MPa). 80-100 kg/cm2 is an ideal pressure. 6. Put the SMC material into the mold and close the mold according to the following operation. a. Before reaching the height of the mold cavity, the press should press quickly. b. When approaching the height of the die cavity, the pressing speed of the press shall ensure that the die is closed slowly. 1 mm/s is a recommended speed. c. It is recommended to use vacuum assisted molding before the material gel, or within the initial 60 second molding time. The vacuum degree shall be at least 50 mbar. 7. Determine the curing time according to the product size and mold temperature (generally 3-10 minutes). 8. Take the product out of the mold and start the next cycle.Carbon Fiber Fabrics factory website: